Simone Bignall

Simone Bignall completed her doctoral degree in Philosophy at the University of Sydney in 2007 before receiving a Vice-Chancellor’s postdoctoral award and being appointed a Faculty Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of New South Wales. She joined Flinders University of South Australia in 2015 as Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Strategy and Engagement. Her academic work is guided by a particular interest in the philosophical lineage from Spinoza to Deleuze and traverses critical theory and continental philosophy, colonial and postcolonial politics and culture, theories of embodiment and agency, feminism, psychoanalysis and ethics. Her book publications include: Postcolonial Agency: Critique and Constructivism (Edinburgh 2010); Deleuze and the Postcolonial (with Paul Patton); Agamben and Colonialism (with Marcelo Svirsky); and Deleuze and Pragmatism (with Sean Bowden and Paul Patton). She is currently completing a work titled Excolonialism: Ethics after Enjoyment.

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