Immanuel Kant’s 
Critique of Judgement

Montreal, QC
August 6 – 10, 2012

Seminar Sessions & Participants

 “The ‘Unity’ of the Cognitive Faculties: Kant and the Manifold of Intuition”
Casey Ford (University of Guelph)

“What is the Role of Purposiveness in Kant’s Argument from the Beautiful?”
Nahum Brown (University of Guelph)

“Productive Tensions in Kant’s Theory of the Sublime: The role of limit in generating the capacity to think”
Suzanne McCullagh (University of Guelph)

“Genius, Aesthetic Ideas, and the Productive Imagination”
Jeannette Hicks (University of Guelph)

“The Role of Reason in the Dialectic of Taste”
Jacob Singer (University of Guelph)

Annual Workshop in the History of Philosophy