G. W. Leibniz’s 
Philosophical Essays

Toronto, ON
August 10 – 14

Conversation with Dr. Roger Ariew (U. South Florida)
Friday, August 14th

 Seminar Sessions & Writing Projects


Session 1
“Little Perceptions of the Cosmos”
Jacob Singer
“Notes on Leibniz on Freedom”
Saša Stanković
“Leibniz and Images of God”
James Murphy

Session 2
“From Its Own Depths: Individual Distinction, Obscurity, Memory”
Casey Ford
“Leibniz and the Problem of a Universal Characteristic”
Daniel Griffin
“Substance and Ecology”
Suzanne McCullagh

Session 3
“Revisiting Leibniz’s Writings on China”
Andrea Pitts
“Minds, Apperception, and Monads”
Alexander Leferman
“Of Truth and Possible Worlds in Leibniz’s Monadology”
Elisabeth Pacquette

Session 4
“Leibniz and Human-Animal Dualism”
Anna Kovler


Casey Ford, PhD Candidate, Philosophy, University of Guelph

Daniel Griffin, PhD Candidate, Philosophy, University of Guelph, MA (Georgia State)

Anna Kovler, MA Candidate, Ontario College of Art and Design, BFA (Guelph)

Alexander Leferman, MA, Philosophy (Guelph)

Suzanne McCullagh, PhD, Philosophy (Guelph), MA (MUN)

James Murphy, PhD Student, Philosophy, DePaul University

Elisabeth Paquette, PhD Student, Philosophy, York University, MA (Guelph)

Andrea Pitts, PhD Candidate, Philosophy, Vanderbilt University, MA (South Florida)

Jacob Singer, PhD Student, University of DePaul, MA (Guelph)

Saša Stanković, PhD, Philosophy (Guelph), Assistant Professor, University of Prince Edward Island, MA (Trent)

Annual Workshop in the History of Philosophy