Saint Augustine’s 

Brooklyn, NY
August 5 – 9, 2013

Seminar Sessions & Participants

“Swollen with the World: Hunger, Desire, and the
‘Stomach of  the Mind’”

Casey Ford (University of Guelph)

“The Power of Memory and
the Presence of Forgetfulness”

Daniel Griffin (University of Guelph)

“Willing the Will: An Account of Conversion
in Augustine’s Confessions”

Elisabeth Paquette (York University)

“Conversion and Capacity for Change: Recapitulating Genesis in the Work of the Self”
Suzanne McCullagh (Concordia University)

“The Relation between Eternity and Time in Book IX of the Confessions”
Jacob Singer (DePaul University)

“Augustine on Confession and the Part-Whole Relation”
Alexander Leferman (M.A. University of Guelph)

Jeannette Hicks (University of Guelph)

Julian Hamara (University of Saskatchewan)

Annual Workshop in the History of Philosophy